Mapping Walks

Find a building somewhere in Alfred that you have never been in. Go in and find out what is there and what happens there: I hadn’t been to the Rogue Carrot yet, so I decided to go in there. Out front on the sidewalk there was a little boy with a jar of dirt. He kept getting up and looking around, grabbing something and then going back over to his dirt jar. I think it was worms he was grabbing, maybe collecting them for a garden at home? But it’s awfully late in the year for that. I’m sure he had his reasons, but I didn’t ask. He seemed very busy. So I went inside the Rogue Carrot, which has screen doors painted orange. A voice came from somewhere and said hello, and I looked around, but couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I walked to the back and looked at their shelf of spice jars and thought about how terribly bland everything has tasted here. I took a scoop and dumped some cajun seasoning into a bag. I noticed they sold loose leaf tea and got mad at myself for not bringing a tea diffuser. But I grabbed a bag of brown rice and a bag of banana chips and went to the register, where I stood behind a couple buying incense. That made me think how much I missed the smell of my mom burning incense, but I pushed that out of my mind so I didn’t get emotional in the middle of this tiny grocery store. The lady at the front register was really nice, and I didn’t get a bag or anything because I could just fit the stuff in my purse. As I was walking out I realized I hadn’t eaten all day and opened the bag of banana chips. My dads favorite snack, we had them all the time growing up. Actually, his favorite was wasabi peas, but he never wanted to share those, so I associate him with banana chips because he both loved them and was willing to share them. I really liked it inside the Carrot because it reminded me of the natural foods shop at home and of my parents. All the spices and dried fruits and funky grains were the kind of thing they’d love. Growing up we were always eating tofu tacos and couscous and stuff like that. -Zoë Ruben
A Street I’ve Never Been Down Before: This street curves to the right and then to the left past Ade Dining hall. As I walked down the street, I saw cars parked on either side. I noticed a run-down basketball court and a gazebo to the right of it about 15 feet away. Going further down this street led me to a dead end filled with construction, rubble, and trash cans. There was an extremely steep hill/cliff towards the edge. There was a very serene view of the trees and the hills in the distance. – Aurelia Liles

3 New Things about a person– Yesterday I was walking down Main Street and saw my friends sitting down eating outside of the Collegiate. I walked on over and saw this girl who I didn’t really know sitting with them. We are both in the same art class, it was Angie. This was my 3 question interview. She said that she thinks that Alfred University is a very good and cute campus. I asked her if she had been to the farmers market. She said that she bought cucumbers there last week. She then said how the trees on campus have red berries that can be brewed in tea and they lower blood pressure. -amanda

Written Reflection On Map Process: The process of map-making was interesting to watch unfold, because we had to adjust and arrange our own creations into a way that encompasses all of us in a new creation. As artists, we all have our own processes. In this project, we had to figure out how to navigate the assignment with a new process in which we all contribute to. At first, it was disjointed and confusing—we had to grasp exactly how we wanted the map to look, how we were going to portray our prompts, and which parts of the assignment we were going to tackle. As we moved further along, everything started coming together, and each member of the group was able to do their part. This project is enlightening for us as artists to learn how to become comfortable with compromise and collaboration. – harrison

Individual Maps

Amanda Brosgole
-Aurelia Liles

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