Daily Practice 1

Combing my hair

Monday 9/2: It is currently 9pm. Combing my hair usually happens in the bathroom instead of my dorm because its a very lengthy process and I would like to have enough mirror space and physical space to do it. My daily practice of combing my hair starts with me walking to the bathroom with my shower caddy full of hair products, brushes and combs. Once I get to the bathroom, I go to the sink and cup my hands full of water, pouring it all over my hair and finger combing it. I get my wide tooth comb and start combing from the bottom of my hair to the top. I spray my aussie leave in conditioner spray all over my curls and scrunch my hair up to soak it in. I then take my brush for curly hair and brush the top of my hair, not going past my ears or else frizz will happen. After that I pull my hair to the side and braid it for the night.

Tuesday 9/3: It is 7:45 am and I am getting ready to go to foundations. I undo my braid and my curls are nicely formed because of it. I cup my hands full of water and spread it throughout my hair to dampen it so that I can spray my leave in conditioner all over. I pull it back with a scrunchie so that my hair doesnt make me overheat while I walk to class.

Wednesday 9/4: It is 7:50 and I am running late to class because I overslept. I do not feel like dealing with my hair today, but I do not want to look like I do not love myself. I lazily combed through my hair and used a flashbrush to tame the frizz on the top of my head then pulled my hair back in a scrunchie.

Thursday 9/5: It is 7:45am and I am in the bathroom again. Last night I washed my hair so it is still damp. I comb through the knots and rubbed leave in conditioner all throughout my hair. I re-wet it because the top of my head is poofy due to it drying the fastest and I didnt want to look like a mushroom. It is chillier today so I decide to wear my hair down.

Friday 9/6: It is 11pm and my hair has been through a whirlwind today. I look like I got sucked up into a tornado and spit out into another continent. I am scared to even start combing because I am afraid of finding an undoable knot and having to cut it out like last time. I start from the bottom with my wide-tooth comb and I immediatly hear the coarse rips of my hair as I tug through the knots. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be, adding water and a little leave-in conditioner helps a ton. I braid my hair to the side to set my curls for tomorrow.

Saturday 9/7: I am in the bathroom at 11:38am Today I really wish I was bald. I do not know what to do with my hair as it is very windy and I am tired of braiding it or putting it in a ponytail because I cannot stand the oppressive heat it brings to my neck when it is down. I consider that the wind might help me cool off yet I am scared of looking like i got spit out of a tornado again. I conclude to myself that I do not care and it is what it is. I finger comb my hair, carefully making sure not to run through individual curls and causing frizz. I use a little bit of conditioner and water mix this morning. It is not the regular leave in conditioner but a regular conditioner that has more weight and will make sure my hair holds itself together throughout the windy day. because my hair is very thick, I need weighted products to keep my curls intact and to reduce as much frizz as possible.

Sunday 9/8: It is 2:48 am and I am surviving off of pure adrenaline and a monster energy drink. My hair has been down all day and got especially screwed up when I took a 6 hour nap after brunch today, which means extra work combing. I wet my hair in the shower this time to avoid splashing water all over the floor at the sink again like I usually do. once i get out of the shower and work on my hair routine, I fill an empty spray bottle up with hot water to wet the areas I did not get in the shower. I take turns alternating between the warm water filled spray bottle and the regular leave in conditioner filled spray bottle. I work my way up with the wide tooth comb and alternate between that and the brush for curly hair. i braid it to the side for the night and smooth out the frizzy top of my head with a flat brush so that when it dries it is not crazy looking.

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