Individual Manifesto

  • I am an artist 
  • I am impatient 
  • I am understanding 
  • I am a musician 
  • I will create
  • I will inspire 
  • I will capture
  • I am a photographer
  • I will make films
  • I love to play video games
  • I love cartoons 
  • I have genetic nerve damage 
  • I have poofy, curly, red hair 
  • I am mixed race 
  • I love city lights
  • I have ADHD 
  • I mix my foods together
  • I love hot wings   
  • I love Christmas 
  • I am attracted to girls 
  • I am short 
  • I am a leo 
  • I am loving 
  • I have freckles 
  • I love indie music 
  • I love alternative rock music 
  • I have a cat 
  • I have freckles 
  • I have green eyes 
  • I love sweatshirts 
  • I originate from Atlanta Georgia 
  • I have poor vision and wear glasses 
  • I love sunsets 
  • I love high contrast 
  • I love snow 
  • I love intamacy 

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