Review of Daily Practice Installations

The first thing I notice about this piece is the blindfold. the blindfold replacing the lack of a face is very interesting to me. There are many variations of colors within the face, all blending together beautifully. The use of many colors in the hair adds texture as well, resulting in a natural affect. The 3D blindfold being added to the 2D paint on the wall adds depth as well. The use of the blindfold to cover the lack of a face is a smart move because it forces the viewer to focus on the hair, which is the daily practice for this person.
This is a cardboard installation of the daily practice that is brushing teeth. I notice how the mouth is not connected, putting more focus on the shape of the teeth rather than the shape of the mouth. The teeth are not perfect and are a bit crooked, which is more realistic. Visually i like the fact that this person used cardboard as their medium. The use of cardboard makes for sturdy teeth and can be manipulated easily.
The first thing I notice about this piece is the floss, stretching from various points to then all meet back to each other in one spot. The attention to detail is what grasps my attention the most for this installation. This artist added mouthwash to green paint to trigger another sense in the viewer, smell. Instead of just visually appealing to her daily practice she added smells to it to further immerse the audience into what she does every single day. The mints hanging from the ceiling catch my attention as well and were unexpected from me.

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